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Welcome to

REAL Youth Group and

GLOW Kid'z!

We believe that our kids are the church of tomorrow and that if we do not train them today, we limit their future in Christ.


AGES 2 to 11 - At GLOW Kid'z, the children come away smiling and excited about God's love for them!


The staff uses funny skits, exciting Bible stories, and silly songs to connect with the children.


Throughout the year, our GLOW Kid'z goes on outings such as the park, roller skating, and Crusaders camp.


If you have children between the ages of 2-11, we hope you will bring them to LIFE Church to see that God can be fun too at 10 AM some Sunday.



AGES 12 to 18 - Our REAL Youth Group have so much fun together.


Throughout the year our youth do many fun things such as youth conventions, roller skating, bowling, shopping trips and Youth camp.


Every Sunday REAL Youth meets at 10 AM. If you are looking for an exciting group with which to hang out and learn more about God, you won't want to miss any upcoming youth events!



Trip or Outing - 2020 Youth Permission Slip (PDF download)






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